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Timnas Got An Equal Midfielder with Evan Dimas

Timnas Got An Equal Midfielder with Evan Dimas

Timnas Indonesia 3-1 win over Cambodia in a friendly match at the Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, Wednesday (04/10/2017). Goals of the Indonesian national team were scored by Lerby Eliandry (31st minute), Rezaldi Hehanussa (34 ‘), and Septian David Maulana (49’) while the Cambodian goal came from Chan Vathanaka (48 ‘).

The flow of the ball from the midfield can not be denied as an excess of Indonesia’s national team in the party against Cambodia. As reported by BolaSport.com from Labbola, throughout the game, foster children Luis Milla release 375 successful operands.

Interestingly, they performed without the main center conductor, Evan Dimas. However, football lovers of the country need not worry because now Evan has a suitable replacement in Muhammad Taufiq.

Just back to defend the Indonesian national team after a long absence, this Bali United player immediately appear coherent with his colleagues. Taufiq was recorded to supply 33 operands on target from 36 attempts.

That is, this 30-year-old footballer has an operational accuracy of 91 percent! The accuracy of Taufiq’s opera beat the overall Indonesian national team’s overall “82 percent” (375 successful operas from 457 attempts).

Taufiq seems to be a piece of puzzle that sought Luis Milla to perfect the Garuda squad.

Reflecting on the AFF Cup 2016, Alfred Riedl, who became peracik Indonesian national team strategy at the time, difficulty finding the ideal coatings in the central midfield post. In the group stage, Riedl down Bayu Pradana-Stefano Lilipaly in the opening match.

Then, in the next two games, the tactician entrusted the midfield to Evan Dimas-Stefano Lilipaly. Then, Riedl like to play safe since the semifinal phase until the final.

No wonder, he always plays Bayu-Lilipaly and just gives Evan allotment for nine minutes!

Now Indonesia national team to become more rich choice with performance ciamik from Taufiq.

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