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Ultras: Do not Boycott Fiorentina

Ultras: Do not Boycott Fiorentina

Fanatic Fans (Ultras) Fiorentina appealed to fellow fans not to boycott the club, where
The family of Della Valle gets harsh criticism from fans, and has ensured that they will sell the club for the right offer Agen Poker Online.

Can be seen from recent core players transfer transactions such as Gonzalo Rodriguez, Borja Valero and Federico Bernardeschi. It ignited a boycott.

“Unonoveduesei, along with all the other groups at the Curva Fiesole, in connection with the competition tickets this season and announce the problems that exist around the current Fiorentina and unconditional full support for Viola’s pride of pride.” The statement sounds on the group’s page of one of the social media.

“We understand and share the anger and wrath that Viola fans feel about the current club owners, but leaving the stands empty and leaving the players will not cope with the situation.”

“There is another way to continue the battle against the club owners, we will follow Fiorentina to the stadium, also for the young men who will do everything to be there but forced to get out!”

“From the steps agreed at Curva Fiesole, we will continue to encourage and carry on Florence’s name.”

“The current Fiorentina owners should stay away from our house, not us.”

“We will always be here!”

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