4 fabulous musical artists who got their start on YouTube

From fun Let’s Plays to entertaining storytelling, YouTube has given us a lot, but did you know it’s also given us some of our favorite musicians? It’s true: in the age of the Internet, you can start a music career from the comfort of your bedroom. It’s high time to discuss the inspiring musicians who started uploading videos, so here are 4 fabulous artists from YouTube that you should know about (like, ASAP).

1. mxmtoon (she she)


Mxmtoon became known throughout the YouTube community for their charming ukulele covers and catchy original songs. His newer releases are still as adorable as ever and still feature the ukulele prominently.

2. dodie (she they)


Although singer/songwriter dodie has a similar past to mxmtoon, they found their own distinct sound. Dodie’s voice is calm, jazzy and agile, and their lyrics are enigmatic and colorful. Above all, dodie is known for adding layers and layers of ambient harmony to her music.

3. Conan Gray (he she)


Conan Gray is one of Gen Z’s most emotional ballads. Its songs tell detailed stories of young loves, and many of its biggest hits have become popular TikTok sounds. He even has a lovable friendship with fellow musician Olivia Rodrigo.

4. Jacob Collier (he she)


Jacob Necklace is a master of everything related to music. His songs are incredibly groovy and complicated at the same time. He collaborates with many A-listers and has dipped his toes into many different genres. If you ever feel like listening to funky and experimental tunes, consider throwing Necklace.

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William N. Fernandez