Ayrshire musical group shortlisted for Creative Lives award

Ayr Choral Union, South Ayrshire, has been shortlisted for the 2021 Creative Lives Awards.

The annual award highlights resilience and creativity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the few bright spots to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic has been the adoption of creative activities that have helped people get through the pressures of the lockdown.

With the venues closing, creative groups that met regularly were forced to find new and innovative ways to stay connected, at a time when the need for people to feel supported and have fun was greater than ever. .

Creative Lives now celebrates these groups through its annual awards.

A total of 31 creative groups were shortlisted for the 2021 Creative Lives Awards, including Ayr Choral.

A spokesperson for Ayr Choral Union said: “Ayr Choral is delighted to be on the Creative Lives Awards shortlist and would like to thank all of Ayrshire and beyond who have already voted for us!”

The Ayr Choral Union was founded in 1876 and survived the Ayr Town Hall fire and two more or less intact World Wars.

Twelve days before their spring concert in March 2020, Covid and Lockdown struck another major blow, but in May and with help from Zoom, they were back in business.

The spokesperson said: “Our Music Director, Andrew McTaggart, with relentless enthusiasm and energy, brought us online.

“The rehearsals were open to a large number of guest singers from across the UK.

“Attendees quickly developed new skills in technology and singing in their living room, while looking forward to the fun and friendship on Tuesday evenings.

“The Ayr Choral team continued to focus on sustaining our great choral community and maintaining skills and interest.

“The Messiah’s live concert scheduled for October 2020 has gone online.

“The ‘performance’ was an outstanding success, leaving all participants feeling exhilarated and connected through the music.

“The Messiah project, in partnership with professional and amateur musicians, has attracted a lot of press attention.

“The donations have raised over £ 2,000 for Help Musicians Scotland, a charity that has helped support struggling independent professional musicians who have lost all of their income due to the foreclosure restrictions.”

To find out more, visit the group’s Facebook page or their website ayrchoralunion.net

Creative Lives (formerly Voluntary Arts) is a registered charity that was established in 1991.

They champion creative activities led by community and volunteers, and strive to improve opportunities for everyone to be creative.

Members of the public can visit www.creative-lives.org/2021-shortlist to learn more about the shortlisted projects and choose their favorite by January 31, 2022.

William N. Fernandez