Finding a Voice: Kearney’s Musical Shows the Stronger Side of ‘Cinderella’ | Local news

When the King and Queen announce a ball to celebrate the 21st birthday of their son Prince Christopher, Ella dreams of attending the event.

The musical score tells the story in a pleasant way.

“The music is wonderful,” Combs said. “It’s beautiful even if it’s a simple sheet to sing. All the harmonies and melodies are really beautiful. It’s a sort of mystical score. You can really feel the magic in the music.

Combs had originally planned to play the role during the 2020 season of the Crane River Theater. Due to pandemic restrictions, Crane River Executive Director Steve Barth has decided to cancel the season.

“It was scheduled for last summer and it kept getting canceled because we didn’t know what was going on with COVID,” Combs said. “We’ve just waited all this year. Most of the actors were able to return this year to perform “Cinderella”. We can finally do it.

For Barth, the production of “Cinderella” follows on from a tradition of open-air theater presentation.

“The Crane River Theater is extremely happy to be back in Yanney Park at the Ron and Carol Cope Amphitheater for our production of ‘Cinderella’,” he said. “This is our 12th production at the park – and a long time ago. Last year, for the first time, we had to cancel our shows.

William N. Fernandez