Hawkeye’s Captain America musical shows how MCU sees Clint

The producers of Hawkeye explain why having Clint Barton sit in a Broadway show he introduces himself in is crucial in setting the tone for the Marvel series.

As clumsy as Hawk EyeThe concept of Captain America-themed Avengers musical sounds also helps viewers understand what audience perceptions of Clint Barton look like on an uncomfortable meta level.

At a press conference attended by CBR, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige revealed that the idea for “Rogers: The Musical” was originally born out of the mind of the episode director. and executive producer Rhys Thomas. Thomas admitted that “it was an innocent suggestion in one of our calls that I quickly tried to backtrack”, but Feige found the idea to be an effective way to streamline Barton’s involvement. in Manhattan, which he described as “a bit of a generic Christmas in New York. Clint taking the kids out. It was a daddy’s weekend before Christmas.”

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Feige also revealed that he brought in Broadway collaborators Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman to write the musical due to his meeting with Shaiman “at an event,” where he learned that her husband Louis “is a huge fan of Marvel”. Rhys’ idea, he continued, “gave us a context for the opening episode, a context for which Clint is in New York, a context for Clint seeing himself the way the world sees himself. Hawkeye, and gave us the opportunity to have an amazing song by Marc Shaïman. “

For Rhys, the conceptual purpose of the musical was to purposefully bore the character of Jeremy Renner, having visualized “that image of the tired face of Jeremy sitting in a Broadway theater watching him.” Trailers for Hawk Eye not only provided a preview of the official poster for the play atop a New York theater, but also clips of dancing actors like Steve Rogers, Thor, Loki and other characters in attendance at the events of The Avengers.

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Barton, who attends the show with his wife Laura (Linda Cardellini) and children, is ultimately forced to stay in New York City when reports of someone disguised as his post-Blip Ronin alter-ego appear on the news. and eventually discover that the culprit is Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop.

Originally intended to be a standalone film, Hawk Eye was changed to a TV show in order to further develop the mentor / student relationship between Clint and Kate, as executive producer Trinh Tran explained. Renner has confirmed that the story will draw directly from the award-winning 2012 edition of Matt Fraction and David Aja. Hawk Eye comic book series, not only featuring characters like the tracksuit mafia and golden retriever Lucky (aka Pizza Dog), but also using poster images reminiscent of Aja’s covers in her marketing.

Hawk EyeThe first two episodes debuted on Disney + on November 24.

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