La Scène, the musical group that transforms recycling into art to raise environmental awareness

La Scène is a Latin American musical group that defines itself as multicultural and collaborative, with a deep environmental awareness and bearer of values, to try for humanity to be more empathetic and united, to respect equality, freedom of thought, diversity and union between nations.

Based in Panama City, this group is characterized by joy and irreverence in their presentations, in which they interact with the audience with a circus show that merges the performance of unconventional instruments with the interpretation of genres such as gypsy jazz, rock, pop, blues, folk and indigenous music from Africa and Latin America.

One of the peculiarities of this grouping is to perform its aesthetic and scenic proposal with recyclable materials, inspired by vintage and with references to the fashion that was created between the 30s and 70s.

Currently, La Scène has a formation of six members: Daniel Pinedo (guitar), Gaby Zapata (voice and fashion designer), Carlos Lucero (four), Diego Collado (trombone), Roderick Zúñiga (tuba) and Bryan Gumbs (drums) .

Zapata, who is in charge of the band’s costume and stage design, commented in an interview with MRT that his interest in haute couture and music stems from the influence of his great-grandfather, who was a tailor and a musician.

“My mother and aunt are also seamstresses and from an early age I was immersed in this world. When there was tissue left I would always take it and transform itThis led me to work from an early age with my own designs, ”he says.

reuse to transform

The singer of La Scène, as well as the rest of the band members, raise their banner of art against “unbridled consumerism”, due to the negative impact it generates across the planet “without any sort of distinction. “.

“I have never been a consumerist,” says Zapata, “and I am aware of the problem generated by climate change which We are invited to attend and understand that mankindWell we see how all of these disasters are caused by ourselves, not taking care of the planet. “

For her, the main thing in a situation like this is promote the saving of raw materials and the reuse of processed products, like plastics, synthetics and textiles, beyond recycling.

“The vast majority of people throw away something after just one use, and it ends up polluting seas, rivers, beaches, or killing animals of different species and destroying the biodiversity of the planet for years,” said the singer. . In view of this, his proposition is “reuse and transform”.

And adds: “I make art and that’s what I try to implement with La Scène, it is not only costumes but also sets. Thus we make our contribution to the planet and to the transformation of consciousness ”.

“Do it yourself”

For Daniel Pinedo, The scene has its own “ideology of life” and is based on the phrase: “Do it yourself”. A vision that, he says, allowed them to evolve and move forward with their own hands.

All our musical and audiovisual proposal is made by us. The shows, the performance, the aesthetics, the arrangements and compositions, the recordings, everything, and although it is hard, it fills us with satisfaction ”.

He specifies that the group also works with a “collaborative” philosophy with which they have managed to achieve ad honorem support from musicians, technicians, designers, photographers and professionals from other fields, who communicate with the ideas they seek to project and thus become part of the group.

“We have friends scattered all over the world, who contribute and help us make this great project a reality. The Stage is an opportunity, an outlet to counter so much void in the world and in current music, such as reggaeton and trap, which only introduce anti-values. We are faithful to culture, to conscience, to the union between nations, to equality and to solidarity, ”he says.

How was The Scene

The group, officially, formed in 2014 when Daniel and Gaby – a couple with two children – decided to formalize the project they had started with other friends who practiced the art of the circus in Caracas and Barquisimeto. , the Venezuelan cities where they were born.

In Panama they started with presentations in the streets from the capital, playing their own songs and versions of other artists adapted to their style, which allowed them to earn some money to live for two years and to meet other musicians of different nationalities, who have started to collaborate and bring their influences to the group.

Musicians from Colombia, Mexico and Germany passed by, until in 2018 the third permanent member of the group entered, the Venezuelan Carlos Lucero, from the state of Anzoátegui, incorporated the cuatro – a string instrument – as the main element to interpret South American and Central American rhythms adapted to the style of La Scène.

Then others joined three Panamanian musicians. In 2019 Roderick Zúñiga arrived, at the beginning of 2020 Bryan Gumbs entered and at the end of the same year Diego Collado joined.

“We recorded and shared presentations with musicians from Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Panama and other parts of the world, musicians who come and go but leave their contribution to us. Thus, we have incorporated instruments such as saxophone, trombone, trumpet, clarinet, flute, among others ”, explains Pinedo.

The last track they released, he says, is particularly special for La Scène. “Magic Powder is a song that defines us, it has a Big Band Jazz arrangement with guest musicians from Chile, Germany, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela and people who have registered from many parts of the world. “

“From city to city”

During the seven years of history, the group has toured different cities of Panama through a particular method which consists of grab your instruments, get on a bus and go to different places to show their music in squares, beaches, streets and festivals.

We are not stopped by not having a big infrastructure behindWe go from town to town by bus, playing. So we arrived on the island of Bocas del Toro, where we played in a festival and won it, ”Pinedo explains.

With this triumph, they were rewarded with the recording of an album which they advanced two songs that sound on their digital platforms: Magic powder and a version of Through rose-colored glass, a song written by composers David Mack, Louis Guglielmi and Édith Giovanna Gassion, better known as Édith Piaf.

Recordings for her second album started in January 2021 and they say it will be “a great circus show, recorded in chapters, as if it were a single story that unfolds as you go along. “.

The group also has a study album entitled “A very gypsy Christmas with La Scène”, released in December 2020.

During the pandemic, its members had to face the phases of containment and to survive they had to seek income offstage in different trades.

However, they have already started making presentations while resuming plans that had been crippled.

Orlando Rangel Y.

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