Meet the Talented Black Musical Artists Taking Control of 2021

Rico Nasty follows “no rules” as she continues to define her own success.

With his recent debut album Nightmare vacation, this “queen of rap punk” keeps fans interested in her ever-changing sound. From inciting mosh pits with songs like “Rage” and “Smack a Bitch” to inventing softer songs like his tinged pop Sugar trap time, Rico has it all.

“I don’t have a gender,” Rico Nasty told PEOPLE. “I have no expectations for those who are listening to me, I just hope they are listening with their ears open. Have fun!”

As a proud mother and performer, she works as hard as ever to bring her fans the best music, but also to be the voice of those who are often left behind.

“Yeah, I’m going as hard as all of these guys,” Rico said in a press release this year. “Yes, I am loud. If you are a woman, have faith in what I am doing. I am the representation of a lot of girls who do not get love.”

Rico also shares that as a black rapper, it takes a certain tenacity to do the job. In a heavily male-dominated industry, she doesn’t let anyone stop her from being authentic herself.

“For me that means I have people who admire me,” Rico says of being a black woman in rap, “but also people who despise me. Either way, I feel strong because that it takes strength to do what I do. “

Watch her music video for “IPHONE”, from her debut album Nightmare vacation.

William N. Fernandez