Musical play about Nigerian women debuts in Abuja

Veterans and rising stars of Nigeria’s entertainment industry will be in Abuja to tell the story of Nigerian woman power in a musical play, “Ada the Country”.

Joke Silva, Kate Henshaw, Chioma ‘Chigul’ Omeruah, Tosin Adeyemi and others will be featured in the play which highlights the power of Nigerian women; autonomy, resourcefulness and power.

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Created by Marian Ogaziechi and produced by Doyenne Circle and directed by Kenneth Upphopho, the story of “Ada the Country” has been in the cards for ten years.

Dean Circle founder Marian Ogaziechi said in a statement that the play revolves around the experiences of women of different age groups and speaks through drama, adding that it is set to premiere October 21-22 at the Musa Yar. ‘Adua Centre, Abuja.

“‘Ada The Country’ tells the story of Ada, a young woman who loses her 9-month-old daughter and her belongings in a fire she narrowly survives. The traumatic experience sends her into depression, but with the support from women of different generations, who have gone through such heartbreaking experiences, she is able to go through a process of restoration,” Ogaziechi said in the statement.

She said Titilope Sonuga did a beautiful job of piecing together the story through deep poetry, music and dance.

William N. Fernandez