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In the heights promises to be one of the biggest hits of the summer. Jon M. Chuadaptation of Lin-Manuel MirandaThe Breakout Stage musical is filled with great songs and haunting dance numbers. But why would all of this be limited to a two-hour movie? Yes In the heights you want to sing and dance some more, Netflix has an awesome offering of original music series to keep your toes tapping all summer long. Fans of the genre must discover these gems.

crazy ex-girlfriend


Image via The CW

Originally from The CW in the United States, crazy ex-girlfriend ran for four critically acclaimed seasons but never received the audience it deserved. The series has a cult following, however, and it’s obvious why. crazy ex-girlfriend is unmistakably unique, exploring heavy topics like mental health, female sexuality and parenthood, while parodying the TV trope of “the crazy ex-girlfriend” obsessed with his old love. Rachel bloom won a Golden Globe in her turn as Rebecca Bunch, the New York lawyer who gives up her life to follow the man of her dreams across the country to California. Each episode contains a few original songs and a few musical interludes, culminating in a live performance highlighting the most beloved tracks from the 157 original songs written. It’s hard to think of another network show that has so successfully embraced the music format while taking it in new, unpredictable directions.


the bottom

Image via Netflix

Red Mill! director Baz Luhrman brought the world of 1970s New York to life by Lowering. Although it only lasts 11 episodes, the series is a provocative and thrilling take on a young group of teens coming together through music. With a stellar cast, including Justice Smith, Shameik moore, Jaden smith, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Daveed Diggs, Giancarlo Esposito, and Jimmy smit, the music includes the best of disco, rap, hip-hop and R&B of the era, with each episode beginning with a recap told in rap form. And since this is a Baz Luhrman production, the costumes and sets are as dramatic and colorful as you would expect. Lowering had great music and nuanced characters with believable dynamics. The story and setting are gripping and remarkably entertaining, and while it’s a shame the series was canceled so abruptly, the episodes we got are classics.


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Selena: the series


Image via Netflix

Netflix revisits the tragic story of Selena Quintanilla in Selena: the series. While the first season focuses on the rise of Los Dinos, the second season shines the spotlight on the star herself, Selena. Tracing the history of Selena’s greatest hits and mind-blowing performances, the series brilliantly captures the connection between the Quintanilla family that made Selena y Los Dinos the name they have become. The series’ heartbreaking finale respectfully captures the events surrounding the singer’s untimely death, while also highlighting her music’s legacy and charisma. Selena’s family members had a say in this biographical retelling of her story, which makes the series even more difficult to watch. But the show is a celebration of all that Selena has accomplished in her young life, and her music, which is featured throughout the series, is unforgettable.

Kipo and the Age of Wonders


Image via Netflix

Kipo and the Age of Wonders is not billed as a musical, but this lively children’s show contains many original songs and musical interludes. The show takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humans hide in burrows because the surface has been overrun by mutated animals. When his burrow is destroyed, Kipo Oak (voiced by The boys Star Karen Fukuhara) finds herself alone on the surface, where she quickly befriends Wolf (Sydney mikayla), Benson Mekler (Coy stewart) and his best friend, Dave (Deon Cole). The friends try to find Kipo’s father, Lio (Sterling K. Brown), but are constantly harassed by Scarlemagne (Dan Stevens), a power-hungry mandrill with a vendetta against Kipo. This show captures the wonder of youth with a truly optimistic outlook, and Kipo and his friends are captivating characters who will grab you from the first episode. Plus, the songs including the main theme will loop in your head for days on end. We promise this is a good thing!

Julie and the ghosts


Image via Netflix

Based on a Brazilian series, Julie and the ghosts follows Julie Molina (Madison Reyes) as she regains her love for music after the death of her mother. The titular ghosts help him on his journey – the ghosts of three young boys who died in the 1990s. Luke Patterson (Charlie gillespie), Alex Mercer (Owen Joyner) and Reggie Peters (Jeremy Shada) are kind of bonded with Julie, and together the four must find a way to free the morale of the boys. Songs are pop-infused goodies readily available on Spotify for you to enjoy after you’re done watching the show. Netflix has only produced one season of Julie and the Ghosts, but hopefully we’ll be able to see more of this charming, quirky story.

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