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Who is your favorite musical artist?

feminist pop

To be honest, I tend to get a new music obsession every month or two, so picking a favorite is really hard, but right now my favorite artist is probably Halsey. I’ve listened to a lot of their albums again and, even though I’m not usually very pop, I love everything she does. The feminist undertones of their music and their honest, emotionally charged lyrics have me hooked. Halsey is my favorite workout music right now, and I love every one of their older albums as well as her new releases.

-Grace, Editor-in-Chief of LIFE

cold rhythms

My favorite musical artist lately is Frank Ocean. Ocean has many songs that allow his music to act as a great escape from the moment I’m in. The songs I specifically recommend are “In My Room” and “White Ferrari”. Frank Ocean’s musical style is more of a modern style of rhythm and blues.

These songs take me to a quiet and relaxing place. I recommend others listen to these Frank Ocean songs if you are looking for something similar. When I listen to Frank Ocean, it’s very sweet like a bird flying on a calm summer day. I think being able to produce music like this allows Frank Ocean to show who he is. A gentle, calm and expressive individual – just like his music.

-Ducati, writer

Nostalgic rhythms

My favorite band of all time is hard to choose but it would have to be The Police. The band consists of three members with Sting on bass and vocals, Stewart Copeland on drums and Andy Summers on guitar.

They’re my favorite band because of the diversity of their music. The Police is part of a style of rock called new-wave, which drew inspiration from several different styles of rock. Previously they focused more on a reggae or ska style and eventually attracted more punk as well.

The names of their albums are recognizable by the way they sound like no other album. One of their albums, “Zenyatta Mondatta”, was even mentioned in Overwatch as the name of a hero and his brother. I also have a sentimental attachment to The Police because I remember listening to them with my father from an early age.

-Connor, media manager

underrated artist

My favorite artist is probably Childish Gambino. I think he’s one of the most underrated artists of the 2010s with three solid albums. “Camp” and “Because the Internet” are amazing rap albums, “Because the Internet” being my favorite album of all time. He also made “Awaken, My Love” which was a beautiful soulful album that really showed his range as a musician.

In 2020 he released “3.15.20” which I think is criminally underrated. Gambino really does a great job of telling a story through an album and giving each of their albums a unique sound.

-Mark, opinion editor

Too many to decide

Answering the question of who is my favorite artist was simple before expanding my horizons. For most of my teenage years it was NF, but now I would say I have a Mount Rushmore of favorites.

Pop group AJR has a more upbeat discography, ideal for showcasing. Watsky creates rap/hip-hop songs with a wide range of themes and topics. His album “Cardboard Castles” is the one I consider essential. Jay 1:40 is another rap/hip-hop artist, but his music is best when I need something I can relate to. His new album “324” has also become an album that I would call a must.

I started liking alternative band The Mowgli’s more recently, but they quickly became a favorite and a staple on every road trip I do. I appreciate each artist for different reasons, but they all have one thing in common: they all make real firecrackers.

-James, sportswriter

Dark and grunge

My favorite artist of all time is stone age queens. They are described as a grunge, stoner-rock band and their albums exemplify those descriptions very well. Each album is drastically different from each other and has an amazing guest roster. Mark Lanegan, Billy Gibbons, Jesse Hughes, Elton John, Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and Alex Turner to name a few.

My favorite QOTSA album is “…Like Clockwork” which was one of the darker albums dealing with depression and death, but still having the rock sound of the previous albums. “Like Clockwork”, “I Appear Missing” and “Vampire of Time and Memory” are songs about loneliness, death and the futility of life. While “Smooth Sailing”, “I Had a Tail” and Fairweather Friends” are rock songs in your head that are about owning the world and forgetting the status quo.

-Daniel, Digital Director

indie pop

Discovering my style of music was a journey that I continue to this day, with college helping me explore my tastes. Saying I’m into modern rock or alternative music might sound like a pretentious way of saying pop, but that’s the best I’ve found.

My favorite band would be lovelytheband, an indie-pop band that hit the airwaves with their 2018 hit “Broken.”

Their upbeat songs like “buzz cut” are perfect to accompany a car with the windows down. Most of their songs have an emotional appeal to them, whether it’s heartbreak, friendships or unrequited love, like their song “Maybe I’m Scared”. I also appreciate that they don’t necessarily take themselves too seriously, leading to things like a Twilight “Games” inspired music video with Tessa Violet that I recommend checking out.

-Haadiya, editor-in-chief

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