Portsmouth Preparatory School bring full musical play to stage with ‘fun and excitement’

In “Bother at Willow Hall”, a wild and out of control student, Clementine Widdecombe, is determined to destroy Willow Hall’s impeccable reputation – but can she be saved by Maisie’s new spy organization, M13?

Students at Portsmouth High Prep School worked hard to memorize lyrics and lines while learning how to move around on stage and handle props.

Director David Barrett, who wrote both the play and the lyrics, said: “The girls did extremely well, showing independence, teamwork and creativity in their performances, while being confident and sure of themselves.

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Bother’s cast at Willow Hall.

“Production went seamlessly thanks to the expert stage crew who changed sets so efficiently.”

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Head Girl Evie said, “We spent nearly four months rehearsing to make sure the piece was performed to an excellent standard.

“Everyone was so excited to perform the show and put a lot of effort into the rehearsals.”

Director Paul Marshallsay added: “There was a great sense of professionalism in the preparation of the play.

“The language of instruction during rehearsals could easily be heard on stages nationwide by companies staging big-budget productions.

“The Year 6 production shows all the best about prep school.

“We come together as a family and support each other so that there is a valuable experience for everyone.

“The fun and excitement that comes with producing is the hallmark of prep school and is invaluable.”

William N. Fernandez