Roe V. Wade Inversion: Music Artists Respond

Monday evening, Politics announced astonishing news: a leaked draft of a Supreme Court majority decision indicated that the court was about to overturn Roe vs. Wadethe landmark 1973 ruling protecting the right to abortion nationwide and the related 1992 case Family planning c. Casey. Leading musical artists were among many calling for action in response to the impending reversal.

Halsey released a detailed statement calling on her supporters to attend rallies, donate to abortion funds and take the threat to abortion rights seriously. “The overthrow of Roe V Wade will mark a catastrophic shift in our fundamental rights to bodily autonomy and reproductive health care,” they wrote. “We are voters and we have the right and the responsibility to fight against this.”

While linking to a list of places to donate, Phoebe Bridgers shared her own abortion story: “I had an abortion in October last year while on tour. I went to planned parenthood where they gave me the abortion pill. It was easy. Everyone deserves that kind of access.

After making a comparison with The Handmaid’s Tale, Questlove posted a lengthy message calling on men to join the fight. “The men we all need to rally behind this,” he began. “It’s not an ‘ahh man it’s a woman thing’. Someone in our life whether it’s your mother, your daughter, your sister, your cousin, your aunt, your neighbor, your girlfriend, your other girlfriend, your face aside, your co-worker, a bff from one of these and MOSTLY you. If it affects them? It affects us. Believe me, I just want to wake up, watch my social media, eat a grilled cheese, watch the soul practice and figure out how to get by. But we are currently in a state of emergency.”

Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry made it clear: ‘Abortion is a health care system and health care is a human right’, while making the connection with and Meanwhile, Cher called for “DEMS, INDYS, THOSE WHO DIED” to vote in the midterm elections to avoid further right-wing political advances, and Bette Midler said the decision undermined the credibility of the court: ” #SCOTUS has proven to be just another political tool, as the three new unapologetic conservatives and old ones push the court to undermine women’s rights. Shameful. They’ll never recover; it’s just there- high with #DredScott and #PlessyVFerguson.

William N. Fernandez