T-Pain Apparently Reveals How Much Music Artists Make From Streaming Services


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T-Pain is one of the most recent artists to reveal the amount of money that can be made from streaming platforms.

On Tuesday, the music artist – known for his use of autotuning – took to his Twitter to share a post showing how many streams an artist would receive on some of the world’s most reputable streaming platforms to fail. earn that one US dollar.

T-Pain fans express shock at recent Napster tweet

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One of the most shocking is YouTube Music. Judging by the T-Pain chart, 1,250 flows are needed just to gain the dollar.

In a report by International Time, video streams YouTube Music streams pay $ 0.00735 per stream. Video streams, on the other hand, fetch $ 0.000069.

T-Pain’s post further expresses that platforms like Amazon Music need 249, 752 on Pandora, 128 on Apple Music, and 315 on Spotify to make a dollar.

Platforms like Tidal Music and Napster require 78 and 53 streams to make a dollar, respectively.

It should be borne in mind that this is just a post shared by the artist and the numbers expressed in the graphic may not be entirely accurate.

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Either way, the conversation is important as T-Pain has multiple sources of income such as brand deals, live performances, and label deals to name a few, and he’s in. small minority among other artists.

Spotify notes that it has received around 10,285,213 listeners monthly since it first appeared on the scene in 2004.

Still, it’s wonderful for well-known artists to say that every artist gets what he’s worth.

The people in the comments of T-Pain’s post had mixed reactions.

“The point is, the little artists would never have gotten anything out of that anyway because most of that money goes to the labels. It has always been that most of the money artists perform comes from their performance. This was the case even before streaming, ”someone wrote.

“That’s insane. But none of these companies would do anything if we weren’t streaming, so [why are] they bypass the artist [s]? ”another added.

A third wrote: “[I] refuse to feel bad. Some of you have reached heights that a normal man will never see, and instead [of] be smart with the money when you finally get it, what do you do … blow it off the chains, watches and cars. that includes you.

Gav, songwriter and producer of Miracle of Sound, also tweeted about it and explained how people can support their favorite artists.

“Buying your favorite artist’s album on Bandcamp for ten dollars is the monetary equivalent of streaming them 12,500 times on YouTube or 3,150 times on Spotify. Still the best way to support them, other than Patreon, ”he wrote.

Check out the other answers below.

Admittedly, streaming platforms aren’t going away anytime soon and are perfectly usable if you want to listen to your favorite artist or band.

However, buying their records, show tickets, or merchandise would be beneficial in really supporting artists, especially smaller artists.

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