The musical piece ‘Book of Love’ will be presented at the Alhamra today

LAHORE: ‘Book of Love’ a non-verbal musical play will be performed by Maas Foundation at the 25th Alhamra Theater Festival 2022 at Alhamra Mall Road on Friday (Today).

The concept for this coin is created by Hassan Raza and is led by Maas Foundation President Aamir Nawaz. “Book of Love” is the story of five-year-old Ali who suddenly finds himself in front of a book with sketches of a teenager and a girl. It begins to portray the vision of this book in which different scenes build a lovely love relationship, which is built between the girl and the boy.

The boy proposes the girl and eventually they get married. Soon, they find themselves unsuited to each other. Before they come to a conclusion about their relationship, the girl becomes pregnant; suddenly, the same care and the same emotions return to the scene. After a while they have a child and again they are busy with their routine life. They lost those moments of love in this book. Ali explores all these love moments and then suddenly he finds the broken rose in the book, which was actually given by his father to his mother in the early days. Then he learns that this book is in fact a love story of his parents.

When his parents enter the room in a bad mood, he shows them the broken rose and they remember their love story and are ashamed of their behavior. This musical love story is specially designed for teenagers and young audiences.

Maas Foundation had performed the play at the 8th Colombo International Theater Festival 2019 in Sri Lanka. Maas Foundation has performed plays in English, Urdu, Punjabi and non-verbal productions.

The room’s decor was designed by Aamir Ali; Music designed by Imran Nawaz, Deputy Director is Kashif Nazir while choreographed by Gulshan Majeed. The actors of the play are Eshah Shakeel, Hassan Raza and Gulshan Majeed.

William N. Fernandez